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Bring the Priest to your party, meeting, or event.

Our Menu


Smell that? That’s our sizzling signature ultra-premium beef, ground fresh daily with your choice of toppings.
Bun options include: Regular Bun, Gluten-Free Bun*, Keto Bun* or Lettuce Wrap. *extra charge.


Most places wing it. We do quality 100% fresh chicken breast marinated in buttermilk and hand-breaded in our kitchens.

Hot Dogs

We’re also redeeming the hot dog. Featuring the famous, all-beef Kosher Hebrew National.


Batman has Robin. Frodo has Sam. You have these.


Because you deserve it, sweetheart.

Shakes & Drinks

Searching for the ‘ahhhh’ effect? You found it.

Secret Menu

Instagram foodie game feeling a bit weak? You’re gonna like this.