Every superhero has an origin story, this is ours.

the beginning

So, you’re wondering what’s up with the name. Well, this’ll be like one of grandma’s stories, so buckle up. Growing up in California, our founder Shant Mardirosian always loved a fresh, classic, old-fashioned burger. His life changed when he took up religion and decided to move to Toronto to attend Seminary school with the hope of eventually becoming a priest. Shant prayed every day with all his heart to find his calling. His nose and stomach delivered, and Burger Redemption was born.

the belief

We’ve got a beef with burger joints these days. They use frozen patties. Or, they over-season their food. Or, they use ingredients that have no place in, or on, a burger. Who needs mango, pear and pine nuts? Silly. Our mission is this: keep it simple.

the road ahead

In June 2010, with 350 square feet, four stools and a small meat grinder, Shant opened his first restaurant on Toronto’s Queen Street East. He called it, The Burger’s Priest. Eager devotees would walk an extra mile for a no-nonsense meal, then line up down the block to order juicy offerings off a repurposed hymn board. Since then, we’ve filled those four stools, and then some. We’re creating more locations, and more burgers. Next, we’ll take burger redemption to the international level. But we’ll never forget our commandments: quality, purity and simplicity.