Want to know our secret ingredient? There are two, and we're happy to share them; we bring simplicity and purity to everything we do.

the beef

We’re a classic cheeseburger joint. We know fresh is better, so we’d never put our ultra-premium beef blend in the freezer. In fact, we grind it fresh every morning starting at 5am. It takes extra time, but it’s worth it. It’s why we say, you’ll never find yesterday’s beef in today’s burger. 100% Canadian Ultra Premium, Grass Fed, Humanely Raised Sustainable Beef.

the potatoes

We take pride in our fries, so we only use Yukon Gold Potatoes. They’re the hardest to grow, but the results speak for themselves. We slice them, fry them, and for the best taste and crispiness, fry them again.

the veggies

Didn’t your mom tell you to eat your veggies? Sure, she did. We use only the freshest lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mushrooms and onions. The kind she’d approve of.

the hot dogs

We only use Hebrew National 100% Ultra-Premium all-beef hot dogs. Why? Because they answer to a higher authority. And they’re Kosher, so that’s pretty cool.

the method

There are lots of ways to cook a burger. We chose the simplest: we smash them and sear them on a flat top griddle. We also think that hot dogs deserve better than boiling water. So, we decreed that our Hebrew National hot dogs should be griddled as well. Except for the ketchup and mustard, all our specialty sauces, from our Secret Sauce to the G14, are made at our own Central Kitchen.

the partners

We know good people make better burgers. That’s why we work with family farmers and ranchers who have a passion for raising high-quality vegetarian fed free-range cattle and chickens.

the planet

Here, sustainability is a way of life. We know we have one planet, and we need to care for it. We’ve started by reducing our packaging and making it biodegradable whenever possible. We don’t use polystyrene or plastic straws, and nobody ever leaves our restaurants with a burger in a plastic bag. Behind the counter, we’ve cut down on waste and recycle whenever possible.